Series CFS – Sanitary Design Centrifugal Pumps with S.S. Shroud

Complete SS-316 Sanitary Design Centrifugal Pump Made From Food Grade Rolled Steel Material. All Wetted Parts Are Through Grinded And Finished. Front Open able Suction Casing with SMS Type or TC/TC Type Suction X Delivery. Sealing By Highly Durable Mechanical Seal of Silicon with SS-316 Internals.CIP Design for Use in Food & Parma Industry.

To Transfer Liquid Like Milk, Butter Milk, Sugar Syrup, Soft Drink,Pharma Syrup, Mineral Water, Fruit Juice, Beer etc.

All CFS series pumps are available in Bare Shaft and Monoblock design with std. TEFC motors OR Flameproof motors.

Material of Construction   :  SS 316

Operating Temp : Std. 110 deg.

Features & Application

  • Simple & Front open design
  • All contact parts of SS-316 material
  • Best in class efficiency with high head and high capacity
  • Available in monoblock & Bare type
  • Available With SS Shround And Legs


  • Capacity from 20 LPM to 2000 LPM
  • Head upto 60 mtrs.

Head in Meters Discharge in LPM at 2900 RPM

CFS-20.525 x 25 10090806040        
CFS-2 A0.540 x 40  2001407520        
CFS-3125 x 25  17015013011090705025    
CFS-3 A140 x 40  25022519015010050      
CFS-4 A1.540 x 40     1701501251006020   
CFS-4 B1.550 x 40    2502201801359030    
CFS-5 A250 x 40      2502251951601207020 
CFS-5 B250 x 50    30027022517012060    

Head in Meters Discharge in LPM at 2900 RPM

CFS-6 A350 x 40   2302001601208040     
CFS-6 B365 x 50  37032025019011030      
CFS-7 A550 x 40      270235200150100   
CFS-7 B565 x 50  650570480380250120      
CFP-8 A7.550 x 40      32026021016511050  
CFP-8 B7.565 x 50    750620500380220100